Publisher Publikat
Language English
Size 21 × 27.4 cm
Pages 160+4
Release date Nov 1st, 2013
ISBN 978-3-939566-12-0
Features Full-color, Hardcover
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1st Part: The Illustrated Story

Earth, year 2101, Paracity. Accidentally, a scientist reanimates dead bodies. More powerful than the impetus to kill and to multiply by biting humans is the zombies’ creative urge to paint their environment with spray cans and markers. The zombie epidemic threatens to exterminate humanity. With the help of two mutants (BLITZ the dog and KRIEG the pig), the president of Paracity succeeds in eliminating almost all zombies. Meanwhile, by repeated hybridization of zombies and aliens, a higher form of being emerges – a zombie god of creation. He attacks the earthly god of creation and starts the apocalypse on earth.

2nd Part: Documentation of Worldwide Works

Paintings, drawings, murals, trains, sculptures, films, happenings. Including murals in Cuba, Jamaica, New York, Sri Lanka, and trains in Poland, Germany... Sorted by country and showing the worldwide dissemination of the creative zombie virus through the author in symbiosis with the storyline.

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