Zombielove Manifesto

Paracity 2101, November 3

Risen from the empire of eternal sleep, accidentally awoken by dog piss and the unspeakable humanoid lust for scientific knowledge, inspired by creative vandalism, fascinated by the invention of the spray paint can, driven to feast on the human race and to wipe its hideous countenance from the face of the earth once and for all, we, the undead, raise our decomposed heads with pride in our hearts, in accordance with the immutable laws of evolution, to embark on the implacable propagation of our species.

We may then provisionally seek to achieve total world domination. This will involve mercilessly stamping out the disgrace of human existence and the total creative vandalisation of planet earth. Countless bestial failings of a moral, philosophical and religious nature make such action inevitable.

We must smash the shamefully mendacious assertion of our opponent that homo zombiensis is the malicious scourge and not homo sapiens. The reverse is incontrovertibly true.

Having conducted the most diligent research, we conclude that both homo sapiens and our own oppressed homo zombiensis race are horrifying mistakes of evolution for our subjugated fellow creatures. Humankind and we are evolution’s stray grenades.

Accordingly, we will not rest until the last human creature has been annihilated. Since in doing so we will selflessly and honourably deprive ourselves of our staple food – living human flesh –, our maltreated bodies must inevitably wither away through hunger. Achieving this noble goal will entail unconditional self-sacrifice for the good of the non-human fellow creatures of planet earth.

The rights to chaos and lawlessness, self-destruction, ugliness, limitless vandalism, physical disability, laziness, compulsiveness, technological retreat, all are unfulfilled, together with the end of all morality, of all religious virtue and other deluded values. The right to an end to reincarnation has also never been realised.

Since the human race continues to fight us and is completely unwilling to yield to our demands, our response is total, unrelenting war.

The hideous countenance of the human abomination must finally be cut, slowly and painfully with a dull blade, from the body of the planet.

Undead enlist in the legions of the Final Judgement. The day of reckoning and punishment for the human plague is nigh. Joined in battle we shall dance victorious on their entrails and consume them or, by means of a bite, lovingly receive them into the honourable ranks of our glorious legions of self-destruction.

My comrades in arms, may the light of eternal knowledge guide you on the path to our own race’s selfless demise. Love for death is our legacy to the future generations that no longer exist.

Zombielove is the slogan of my comrades in arms!!!